This is our regular pricelist.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote for special prices.

Low Season
(1st October - 31st May)
Group 1-7 Days 8-14 Days Extra Day
Economy S Class 30€per day 35€per day 31€per day
Economy Class 37€per day 35€per day 33€per day
Premium Class 45€per day 41€per day 37€per day
Special Class 47€per day 43€per day 39€per day
Automatic Class 50€per day 45€per day 41€per day
Family Class 55€per day 51€per day 46€per day
Crossover 55€per day 51€per day 46€per day
Premium Automatic Class 64€per day 58€per day 52€per day
Cabrio Class 90€per day 88€per day 86€per day
Adventure Class A 110€per day 99€per day 92€per day
Adventure Class B 125€per day 117€per day 110€per day
Mini Bus 162€per day 150€per day 135€per day
High Season
(1st June - 30th September)
Group 1-7 Days 8-14 Days Extra Day
Economy S Class 40€per day 37€per day 35€per day
Economy Class 45€per day 42€per day 39€per day
Premium Class 52€per day 48€per day 42€per day
Special Class 60€per day 56€per day 50€per day
Automatic Class 63€per day 58€per day 53€per day
Family Class 78€per day 68€per day 60€per day
Crossover 85€per day 82€per day 80€per day
Premium Automatic Class 109€per day 90€per day 75€per day
Cabrio Class 190€per day 180€per day 170€per day
Adventure Class A 170€per day 150€per day 120€per day
Adventure Class B 200€per day 180€per day 160€per day
Mini Bus 260€per day 240€per day 220€per day